Well Pump Services in the Charlotte Metro Area

Pump Repair
No water in your house? Lassiter Well Co., Inc. provides quick repair services, including 24-hour emergency service. Our technicians are experts at finding and repairing your well pump problem, from a malfunctioning pressure switch to a bad controller to a failing pressure tank.
A lack of water from your well often is the result of a bad pressure switch or controller. Your pump controller could be installed inside your house or inside your well pump. Our experts know how to check your system for the appropriate repair, including potential broken water lines.
A bad pressure tank is usually indicated by fluctuating water pressure and should be addressed immediately to avoid wearing out your well pump.

Pump Installation
A bad well pump will usually result in no water or your supply taking a long time to recover. An aging pump, or a pump worn out due to a bad pressure tank will have to be replaced.
You can protect your pump by replacing your pressure tank if you notice your water pulsing and your pump turning on and off quickly. If your pump needs to be replaced, however, call Lassiter Well Co., Inc for efficient and affordable service. Our pumps carry a 5-year warranty.
Our technicians install quality replacement pumps and pumps for new wells. We also service sump pumps.

Pump Delivery
Performing your own installation? We’ll delivery any water pump to your Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Rowan county location free of charge. Take care to follow directions on all equipment and call Lassiter Well Co., Inc. if you have questions about any process.

For delivery of pumps and equipment outside of those counties call for a fee schedule.